Posted by: lifewithbs | March 13, 2010

Office Plants

With only two months to go until I leave my job in DC for good, I’m feeling both a little sad and excited about the change. One of the things that I’ll definitely miss, besides my awesome co-workers, is having windows and a great space for my office plants.

This guy is my favorite, he came from Ikea.

He used to  look like a Dr. Seuss plant, with just one skinny branch sticking straight up with sparse leaves. That one branch has since bent over, and more clusters of leaves have grown out from the base of  the first branch. The two other weird looking light green branches are from a completely different plant, the Donkey’s Tail. The donkey’s tail is really cool, in my nerdy opinion, and I got this one from my sister. You can cut a branch off the main plant, strip off the bottom few leaves, stick it in some dirt, and it’ll grow with no extra hassle!

Next we have the orchid, which was given to me by a co-worker. Orchids are notoriously difficult to keep, but for some reason this one seems very happy in my window. It gets just a little bit of water on Monday’s, and it’s been blooming like crazy! Each flower lasts several weeks.

If anyone has any tips on how to keep orchids happy in the long-term  I would be grateful. Let’s hope these plants survive both the metro ride home, and the long drive to Texas! I have three more office plants, and three additional indoor plants at home, so there will a lot to transport.


  1. You have such great plants! I think plants like growing in an office environment…especially if they’re in a sunny window. Mine did extremely well, and they were always good company.

  2. Don’t leave me!!!!!!

  3. I’m glad to see some of my plants are still living on! I hope they fare well in the move…

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